About Me

“Live to thrive, not just survive“- Maya Angelou

Hi, I’m Vinay, but people usually refer to me as Vinny. I am a 20 year old undergraduate student studying International Business Management and have a strong passion to go into marketing.

I have been fortunate enough to visit many places and also go studying abroad in the USA, and I owe my parents for that. So quickly… thanks mum and dad.

Aside from that, I also enjoy music and making music, having played the drums for almost 11 years now. Nowadays, I tinker around on GarageBand and pretend to DJ. As well as music, I also enjoy playing and watching cricket and golf- two sports that involves mainly just standing around, but hey ho. I also enjoy cooking and follow the teachings of my guru, the one and only, Gordon Ramsey. I’m hoping in the future to create an Instagram account of meals that I make, so keep an eye out!

As you can see, I have quite a few (and probably too many) interests that occupies my spare time. So this blog helps me to share my interest in travelling and possibly more topics in the future, and I will also create posts on helpful tips of the cities that I visit. Mainly however, I would like to help those students studying abroad, as I have been in your shoes and I know how daunting it is as the departure date draws closer.

So with that said, have fun on your travels, step outside of your comfort zone and explore this world whilst we’re still young, from a student to a student.

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