My First Blog

Hello! My name is Vinay (although I have many names people call me) and I have recently got back from travelling and studying in America for the past 6 months.

Therefore, you’ve guessed it again, this blog will entail my journeys and key moments whilst in America as a student and share tips and stories that are relevant to other students trying to do a study abroad program.

Liberty Island with Manhattan in the background

A little backstory to this blog. It was back in December, and I only had a month until I would be taking off from England and landing on Uncle Sam’s turf. As I was fretting on what to pack, how to prepare myself and what to expect, I realised countless other students across England would also have felt or are feeling the same. So I began writing a diary the day before, in the hope I would start a blog when I got back to help others in their preparations. And here it is. A blog that hopes to ease the anxiety before flying away to some exotic or not-so-exotic country to study or travel- student to student.

The blogs will not only cover key moments from my diary, but will also have separate posts on helpful tips when travelling around, not just in the USA, but other countries too for which I hope to travel to (money permitting).

In hindsight, this blog could go in any direction. It could become just a helpful guide for the soon-to-be-studying-abroad students, or it could widen to all ages and become a resource for travel-jargon seekers.

Who knows.

But what I do know is that you’ll enjoy these blogs and hopefully appreciate the subtle sarcasm that I emit through my never-seen-before grasp of the English language (thanks GCSE English teachers).

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